by Jay Smoove

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Executive Produced by Dylan Thomas, Jay Smoove and Ren of NOGMX Productions

Mix and mastered by Ren of NOGMX Productions

Photography by Victor Yañez-Lazcano

Album Art by Dechazier for Black Marmalade Studios

Album Experience by Jay Smoove
Writing this album was a trip. I went back and forth on all kinds of conceptual ideas, finally deciding not to do one because rappers don’t follow through with things. I wasn’t trying to bring anything back, pay homage, dues or money or “save” anything. I just collected beats and typed in one long word document until the computer told me it could no longer display spelling and grammar errors because there were too many. That document tells me I wrote 22,660 words, keeping 6,048. This album is the culmination of 6 months of mornings and nights writing, rarely actually finishing a verse, abandoning and then repurposing ideas and lines, playing with unrhymable rhymes and shitty ideas. I’m just happy Dylan Thomas put some heat behind it, cause it would’ve been over beat-jacks from the 90’s like these other bums. Also, you wouldn’t have heard it. Peace.

Album Experience by Dylan Thomas

I made 85% of the beats the week after my son was born. I sampled countless records in the weeks leading up to his birth, because I knew once he arrived I would be strapped for time. Being a first-time father, I was so afraid to let my son sleep without keeping a watchful eye on him, so I would stay up and make beats while he slept. I remember those nights, a MacBook and Maschine. While enveloped by the darkness, one ear encased in a headphone, my other ear exposed and listening to the sounds of my newborn son sleeping, I patiently crafted the soundscapes that ended up being the backdrop for Jay’s lyrical barrage. When you make beats and you meet someone like Jay; a visionary, a modern-day bard, with a sound mature beyond his years, you can’t help but get excited at the prospect of being a part of something special. I had no problem backing this project from day one and this album is the culmination of that mutual respect that Jay and I have for each other’s craft.



released April 2, 2013

Produced by Dylan Thomas



all rights reserved


Dylan Thomas Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Beats for Daze

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Track Name: Intro
Lyrics by Jay Smoove
Track Name: Strawberry Milk
Lyrics by Jay Smoove
Track Name: Blue feat Yo-Dot and Tay Butler
Lyrics by Yo-Dot, Jay Smoove and Tay Butler
Track Name: Golden Daze feat Kid Cut Up
Lyrics by Jay Smoove
Track Name: Brando
Lyrics by Jay Smoove
Track Name: Day Dreams feat DJ Bizzon
Lyrics by Jay Smoove
Track Name: Invictus feat Kiki Champ
Lyrics by Jay Smoove
Track Name: Casa Jay
Lyrics by Jay Smoove
Track Name: Boatman
Lyrics by Jay SMoove
Track Name: Tig Ol feat Haz Solo and Dylan Thomas
Lyrics by Jay Smoove, Haz Solo and Dylan Thomas
Track Name: Get Busy
Lyrics by Jay Smoove
Track Name: Take Money
Lyrics by Jay Smoove
Track Name: Outro
Lyrics by Jay Smoove